Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sledding with the Yost Family

I know we are a beautiful clan!

Sadly this is also an awesome family picture for the Yost's! For the first time in two years my whole family was able to get together for a weekend and play in the snow. Kera and her family from Boise, Misty and clan from Montana, and Raini and I's family traveled clear from Rigby! Mom and Dad's house was the happening place. What a beautiful valley we grew-up in. How blessed I am to share this piece of heaven with my kids today!
Jeremy pulling me back up the hill after a failed attempt at sledding.

I think Dad/Grandpa even enjoyed himself, because he wasn't stuck playing taxi. I think he finally realizes that grandsons and son-in-laws are good for somethings.

Tabytha sporting Dad's cool shades.
We even roasted hot dogs on the top of Fish Creek. Fun, Fun, after Scott and Grandma took over building the fire. Grandpa was never a boy scout and it was showing.

Baylee and Levi with hot dogs in hand back out on the hill getting ready for some more fun. Levi and Baylee are such good friends. I think that Levi misses having a BOY to hang with, but Baylee never tires of Levi's company.

Maggy looking all unimpressed. Buck-up little dogs for lunch! Your favorite! Maggy reminds me of when I was a little girl unsure of just about everything. It took some convincing that sledding would be fun before she gave it a go. Even then I'm not sure she was that thrilled with the experience.

Just posing at the top watching all the fun.

Beautiful, rare picture of Grandma. We love you Mom. Thanks for the memories.

Tabytha decked out in Ryver's winter gear. Thanks Aunt Raini for keeping me so warm!

Grandma leading the gang, showing them how it's done. Man, she sure has loosened up in her older years. Doing things now that she hated to do when we were little!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

Valentines day this year fell on a Sunday, so we got to spend the whole day together as a family. This year we went all out for valentines day. I made the girls pillow cases and bought them much needed, new pillows. Dad gave them each a balloon and a gaint jaw breaker. See the total anticipation on their faces. As for next year....they'll probably get a card!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Payge Turns 7

Payge is growing-up so fast. She is a tall, thin, beautiful little red head, who can drive you crazy one minute and melt your heart the next.

All Payge wanted for her birthday was the latest fad, a Zu Zu pet. In her words, "Zu Zu pets go here and there. Zu Zu pets go everywhere....dumb toys drive me nuts, but I swallowed my pride and bought Payge a Zu Zu pet for her birthday. At least it didn't cost much, and entertained them for hours. I remember when I was a little girl pretending that my pound puppy was a "real" pet dog. Well, Payge will remember having a "real" pretend pet hamster.

Seven Things We Love About Payge!
1. Her abundant cute!
2. Her hoarding tendencies.
3. Her love of being different.
4. Payge is an awesome reader.
5. Payge's smile.
6. Payge's kookiness
7. Her fun personality

Payge requested a smoothie for breakfast on her birthday.
Did she eat it? NO.

Fourth Grade Science Fair

Our little scientist at work again. She thought hard about this experiment and tested out her ideas all by herself. She picked three different stains: ketchup, grape jelly, and mustard, then washed each stain with a different soap to see what worked the best at removing the stains.
she did a lot of work and was so disappointed that she didn't win. She'll always be a winner at our house. All her science projects get displayed in Dad's Jr. High classes room.