Monday, May 31, 2010

Mom Goes on Strike!!!

To all the Moms out you ever get sick spending your days cooking meals that no one will eat? All week the response to my meals have been, " Yuck. It's gooey. It tastes like Chicken. On and On and On. I do not pride myself in fixing my family breakfast every morning, mainly because unless it's pancakes no one will eat it. Well this special Sunday morning I got up and fixed scrambled eggs, hash browns and sausage, and got the usual. I don't like that kind of sausage. I hate eggs. I don't like cheese in my I announced I was on strike and that I would not be cooking anymore that day. The response was one of excitement. They spent the rest of the morning planning their menu. I thought okay let them plan and fix and clean-up. Before church I made sure the dishwasher was full. Baylee and Payge decided to make tacos. Got the hamburger out of the freezer to thaw during church. After church they got right to work cooking hamburger for the tacos, but when they went to get taco seasoning we were all out! (Yes, I know I could have put some spices together, but remember I was on strike and was laying on the couch watching cartoons, and completely ignoring their whining pleas!) Notice the modge podge of spices in the background. I think Jeremy convinced them that plain hamburger would be best. They accomplished the hamburger, and got the table set, but forgot to prepare lettuce, tomatoes, cheese.....More to it than they originally planned. Okay they did a great job, but I still had to tell them all through dinner how dry my taco was, and that I didn't like the brown part of the lettuce, and that the tomatoes were smashed and gushy...I'm not sure they got the point because after all "These are the best tacos ever!" To bad they had to clean-up dinner, and empty that full dishwasher too. Will they complain again? Probably, because they had a blast and think they need to do it again real soon!

Green Beans and Tacos?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Payge's First Grade Year

First Grade was a great year for Payge. She got a lot of positive attention, which she totally soaked-up! Payge had Mrs. Merchant for her teacher, and in my opinion was teachers pet. Payge was awesome in reading and earned 130 A.R. points, the highest in the whole first grade! Payge taught herself to read at night when she should have been fast asleep she stayed-up and read a Dick and Jane book that Grandma Sherry gave us. She has lots of friends even with her sassy attitude! I think her first grade crush was either Jaxson or Skyler...although she says that all the boys think she is "hot"?!

Baylee's Fourth Grade Year

Baylee enjoyed her fourth grade year Some of this years highlights were... Idaho History, Harry Potter, new friends, and Mrs. Hyndman as her teacher, getting 130 AR points, and popcorn fridays. Mom thinks her fourth grade crush was Jett, although she would probably deny it.

Baylee made a book about Soda Springs for her Idaho History Project. She spent the day touring around and taking picture dressed as a pioneer. It was fun for both her and me to learn a little bit more about were my mom grew-up and her parents lived.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Preschool Graduation

Maggy has had so much fun this year in Preschool. It was the best money that Jeremy and I have ever spent. Maggy LOVED every minute that she spent with leading edge preschool. In fact she/we loved it so much she's going back next year too!

A picture of the end of the year gift that Maggy helped me make her teachers. She was so proud!

Maggy went to Leading Edge Preschool without being able to write or read her name. At the end of Preschool she could recognize her written name, write her name, and recognize most of the alphabet. She absolutely adores Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Lusk, and Ms. Boyd, and so do I they are completely amazing! Thanks sooooooo much for all your love and all your hard work!

One Year Older

Can't believe that my Baby is a year old! This past year went FAST! I must be getting old! Taby started her special day cuddling in bed with Mom. (I think that was more for me.) Then a bath, and got dressed in a new cute outfit that Roni sent her from Cleveland. (Thanks Roni!) Tabytha finished her day off with presents and a visit from Grandma Sherry and Grandpa Gordon. We had cake and a small BBQ, then it was off to Maggy's preschool graduation. We got Taby a cute little stroller to push around hoping that it will help and motivate her to walk. Right now she has no interest in walking, and would rather scoot on her bum. We love you Taby, squeals and all!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Baylee's Birthday

My little girl is getting so grown-up. Baylee turned 10 today. It's so hard to believe that ten years have passed since Baylee came into our family. Ten years ago our lives changed forever...

Ten Things we Love About Baylee!

1. We love her take charge attitude.
2. Her Photographic Memory
3. Her excitement to become a "Woman"
4. Her obsession with Taylor Swift & Harry Potter
5. Baylee's mothering abilities
6. Her aversion to playing outdoors
7. Her fondness of meat...Ewww Mom, it's gooey
8. Her Responsibility
9. Her Love of Gardening and flowers
10. She'll always be our first little girl.

Baylee, got big girl gifts this year for her birthday. Her room redone, a hair straightener, and a book about "Growing-up." A few days later I questioned the book as she asked me when we were going to get her a bra. I just about choked on my own spit! I'm not ready for her to be that grown-up yet!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pulling Teeth

Payge just makes me smile. She has been waiting, and waiting to lose another tooth. She really wanted to pull this tooth with pliers, but when that didn't work she found the dental floss and brought it to me. Wrong thing. I don't do teeth, so she had to wait for her dad to help.
Dad tied a string around Payge's tooth upon her request!

She was so excited and had this plan that she would slam the door all by herself and the tooth would be pulled out. Well.....

They tied the string to the door knob and Payge very gingerly pushed the door closed, while walking forward. Plan "A" was not successful. So Jeremy told her he needed to tie the string better, and....

BAM!!!! Slammed the door with his foot catching us all off guard. I didn't even get a picture of the door slamming! Plan "B" did work and Payge's tooth went flying to the ground.

I think next time she will wait until the tooth is a little loser. (We did try and tell her.) I'm pretty sure it hurt.

Now when she comes up stairs dressed like "Payge" she doesn't look like a clown, but a hillbilly!

The toothfairy didn't come to Payge that night, because her room was so messy that she couldn't find her way to her bed. She had to wait until the next day!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Total Room Makeover

Grandma Sherry and Grandpa Gordon promised Baylee a room makeover for her birthday. We planned for months and convinced Grandpa to come help with his mighty man power. Baylee wanted purple so she picked a very pretty color and we painted. We took the nasty flowered wallpaper down, replaced the curtains, and gave everything a new coat of paint.
This was my special project. This is a very old dresser that my Mom and Dad had while I was growing-up. Dad said that it couldn't be painted, and even if it could he thought I would never finish it. Well, I kind of took it as a challenge. Here is the finished product. Looks like a brand new dresser! Phew, I really did finish one whole project!

This was my Dad's project. This is the mirror that sat on top of the dresser. Dad rolled his eyes and didn't think that this could be painted. Mom and I rolled our eyes because we thought that it was just plain UGLY! Dad convinced us to hang it on the wall so Baylee would have somewhere to keep all of her stuff. Okay Dad you were right like you always are. (Even though you did call me an idiot I guess I deserved it.)