Sunday, June 21, 2009

We Love Our Daddy

Happy Father's Day. We love you and everything you do for us. We also love the fun side of you that we see every now and then!

Tabytha's Blessing Day

We killed two birds with one stone and blessed Tabytha on Father's Day. It was a great day and had just about all our family here! Neil and April were the only ones that could not make it. We had a lovely church service then came home and had hot dogs and salads for lunch. Taby doesn't look very happy about this picture. This was after a long day of being passed from person to person. So I can't blame her!
This is the best picture of Taby we got. I know. . . not that great. She is wearing the booties that Grandma Stavast makes and the gorgeous knitted blanket also came from Grandma Stavast. I swear her knitting looks so perfect it looks like a machine did it.

All for the names sake. Tabytha Doreen, meet your Great Grandma Jesse Doreen Stavast.

Four Generations--Jeremy Green, Tabytha Green, Barbara Green, Doreen Stavast

Eric, we are so glad you made it for dinner even if you were late for the blessing. . .we won't hold against you, and yes you can have a hot dog.
Kera made a surprise visit and came just before church started. Her and Jeff stayed for lunch then headed back to Boise. Misty and Mike were also visiting from Oregon. It was fun to see everyone together again. Raini and Scott, yes they walked the block and came too. Scott even ate a hot dog!
Cute cousin picnic. Maggy is still talking about eating with Bill and Austin!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Weekend With the Green's

We got the rare opportunity to have Grandpa and Grandma Green plus Rob and Hillori's family visit in the same weekend for Taby's blessing! Talk about crazy fun and busy! Here are a few snapshots of the fun.
Here's Grandpa Green entertaining Maggy by doing his famous "sewing" his finger together trick, plus talking Donald Duck! Wow that's what you call real talent!
Grandma Green is the best at keeping the girls busy doing fun little crafts, needle point, knitting, and other great things I don't have the time and patience for. Here they are using the cricut machine to make paper dolls. A little girls heaven!

Cousins Ashton and Christan the night they got to our house. They all look like they are ready for bed. Ashton and Christan thought it was great because they got to sleep in the camper in the back yard. Rob and Hillori. . .I'm not so sure they were as excited, but were good sports all the same!
All of us eating dinner! The noise level. . . WOW!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Few Days at Home

While Jeremy was at girls camp we spent a few days at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Misty was there with all the kids. We spent the time in Lava swimming, watching movies, and playing Gutair Hero with Logan. Here is Grandpa doing what he does best. . . cooking a pre ordered Breakfast of hash browns and eggs for the crew in the Yost Cafe.

A picture of the cousins chilling before breakfast in front of morning cartoons.

Logan showing us how to keep a drum beat! We even got grandma and grandpa to play Gutair Hero!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Swimming in Lava

We found a day of sunshine in the middle of all the rainy days and went swimming in Lava Hot Springs with Misty, Raini, Mom and all the cousins. Everyone had a blast, but the most exciting part was the water slides. The lines were short and we didn't even have to wait for a turn. We stayed for 3-4 hours until we all decided that we were all to sunburn to stay any longer. Some of us were smarter than others. (Raini. . . not so smart!) Levi and Baylee all business as they exit the waterslides.
Maggy was kind of chicken and didn't venture off of the steps, but still had fun. The next day she woke up and asked, "can you take me swimming again."

Payge. That says it all.

What a smile. She had fun on the smaller water slides maybe next year she will be tall enough to take a ride on the new "scarey" water slides.

Swimming, Slides, & Sunscreen?

Even the grown-ups had a little fun in Lava this year with the brand new slides that they built over the highway. I was pretty shocked that we convinced Mom/Grandma to join in the fun. I think it might have been Logan's handsome smile that put her over the edge.
Mom with a shocked look on her face. It was great to hear her let a little squeal go on the way down! What a sport. Fifteen years ago she would have died before she would have gotten wet at the swimming pool and now look at her.

Baylee thought that these slides were to coolest. It really surprised me that they didn't freak her out.
Those tiny people on the the slide are Baylee (yellow) and Mom (white) it was both their first time down. They did climb the million stairs to do it again so it must not have been that bad!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Twin Falls was the meeting spot for the annual Yost girls trip. What fun. Every year we go somewhere different, but usually do the same thing. . .Shop! That's just what we did, shopped until we dropped. Among the traditions usally includes someone getting their haircut. Needless to say, many, many bad haircuts have been the result of the Girls Trip. Misty and Kera both got their haircuts this year and neither one ended up ugly, like my girls trip haircuts usally do. I think I've finally learned. . . I'll just stick to the shopping! I think we shopped from
8 a.m.-10 p.m. that did include a few garage sales, a trip to D.I. and yes the mall. I did not know that one could shop that much in Twin Falls, Idaho, but I guess the Yost Girls can make anything a fun shopping trip.This is a picture at the end of the day. We did hit a few more stores after the mall, and of course went to Jack in the Box for a late night snack !This is the one of the best parts of the girls trip, just relaxing and catching up on some hot gossip. I took Taby this year. She was a sport about the whole thing, we hardly knew she was there.
Some times we can get a little crazy and have some good clean fun. More than once we have gotten some sideway glances, and weird looks as we all pile in a dressing room and giggle together. I'm sure people wonder. . . "What the Heck!" In case you can't read my shirt, I'd rather be sleeping.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Remembering How Blessed I Am

I was just reminded today how blessed I am.Even though there are many days that I forget. I would not know what to do without the fighting, messes, and high pitched squeals. Tonight I will thank my Hearvenly Father for all four miracles he has blessed our family with, and try tomorrow to rememer that I am blessed.

Newborn Pictures

This picture is one of my favorites. I like to think that she is remembering someone or something from her heavenly life she just left.

This is Taby's favorite position. She loves to sleep on your shoulder.

Brittany, a friend, asked if she could practice taking newborn pictures when Tabytha was born. She was so nervous that she wouldn't do a good job, but I think all the pictures turned out great. I wish I could post all of them for everyone to see. These pictures were taken when Taby was a week old. It only makes me wish that I had such beautiful pictures of the other girls when they were newborns. Thanks a bunch Brittany! Feel free to practice any time with my family!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Go Fly A Kite

We promised the girls that if tehy did their chores and kept the house clean that we would take their kites out and fly them. It just happened to be a windy day and thegirls were good so we went to the school and had some fun.

Payge, being "PokeyJoe," had to take a rest from the hard work of kite flying.

Here is Baylee with her jellyfish kite.

Maggy had to join in and use Dad's kite. she had lots of fun and insisted that dad take a turn flying the kite too.

Maggy's Birthday in June

That smile says it all and makes the money we spent well worth it.
It has been so rainy lately, but that didn't stop her from taking her new bike for a test drive. Notice that smile again!
This is Maggy trying to convince Dad that it would be alright for her to ride the bike around the house, because it was raining outside. Yes, he finally did give in who could say no to such a cute little girl with such an excited smile.

Jeremy and I have decided that having a Birthday in December is no fun!! So we decided to give Maggy an unbirthday gift. Maggy loves riding bikes and has been riding a little red trike with split front tire all spring. One afternoon we went shopping for a bike and found this one at Target I know it is not fancy but Maggy thinks it's great!

Belly Button Blues

What a cute little Belly Button.
At 2 1/2 weeks old Taby's Umbilical Cord fell off. Making the fact that she has to grow-up, all to real! It was a sad moment for me as the newborn stage doen't last very long. I however didn't cry for long because Jeremy thought I was being totally silly. I'm just trying to enjoy each and every moment, cause I know it will be my last.

Taby's First Bath

Another first. . . Taby hates getting her body washed (I'd hate it to if I had to take a bath in the cold bathroom sink), but loves to get her hair washed and rinsed. This is my favorite part of having a baby, giving them a bath and making them smell so fresh. There's nothing like Johnson's bedtime body wash and lotion to make a baby smell like a baby should!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dancing Fools

The older girls got to go to a dance clinic put on by the high school dance team. They were really excited and ready to perform.

Payge was even awarded a "Star Performer" certificate. She was very proud of it and had fin learning how to dance from one of dad's students.

This was Baylee's second time at the dance clinic. She did very well and liked dancing with the highschool girls.
Here is Payge dancing to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." She did have a lot of fun; although the week before she said she just wanted to dance with a tutu and ballet slippers.