Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thanks Uncle Scott

Good things come to those who wait! We started moving the playhouse two months ago from the very back of the yard to the front of the apple trees.
First try we burned-up Scott's crane on his service truck, and there sat the unfinished playhouse. The kids did not mind though and had a ball with it sitting on the ground all summer.

Last night Jeremy and Scott got it put back together. This morning Maggy was excited to clean the slide off and play!
Thanks Scott for your help and truck!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of School

Even Dad has to have a first day of school picture. How fun it is to see and feel the excitement the first day of school. I'm so looking forward to the schedule and even the homework part of school. It's a great day for EVERYONE!
Payge is in Mrs. Stewart's first grade Class. She is in the same class with a lot of her friends from last year. Payge is so excited to stay at school all day long, she thinks that she's pretty hot stuff and all grown-up. I hope she always is this excited about going to school.

Wow, looking at Baylee she has grown-up tons this summer. She is pretty proud of her new school clothes and can't wait to get back to her friends in school. I just hope that she doesn't keep chasing the boys like she did during soccer. Man I'm not ready for her to grow-up! Baylee has 31 kids in her fourth grade class, and Mrs. Hyndman is her teacher.

You can see how different Baylee and Payge's personalities are by the way they dress. It's a good thing God sends them so different.

The Ride to School

We decided to heck with the car pool thing. The girls are good kids and we have taught them right, and talked to them about the important things! Heck when one of the biggest threats lives next door, why not let them ride their bikes to school. Do I sound like I am justifying this decision? I won't lie it is super nice not to have to drive them to the four blocks to school.
The neighbourhood kids all gather and ride their bike together. The rules are that they have to ride together and wait for everyone.
Oldest Tori in front 5 th grade, Kylee 1st grade, Keyra 1st grade, Payge 1st grade, Baylee fourth grade. I don't know what I will do during the winter months but for now! PERFECT!

Pokey Joe trying to catch up as the morning crew waits for her! Imagine that. . . waiting on Payge.

Baylee off and ready to be the boss of three, first graders!

Jeremy gets to walk to work! What a blessing the move to Rigby has been for our family!

Finally . . . Back to School

I really do love my family and kids to pieces, BUT it was time for them to go back to school. I will not lie that I can't wait to put my feet up and enjoy more quiet times with the two smaller girls. Maggy will start preschool in a couple of weeks, and I'll be down to Tabytha.
Put my feet up...right!? Now it's time to catch-up from all the summer fun. Time to mop the floor and have it stay clean for at least a hour! Time to only wash dishes once a day! Time to do laundry! Time to go shopping without 4 crying, fighting girls that seemed to want everything. TIME, TIME, TIME. . . Man, is it TIME for them to come home it's kind of lonely!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'll be Ugly today

Maggy always has the funniest things to say! This morning I told her we needed to have a bath and fix our hair so we could go to the county fair. Her reply to me was, "Mom, it's okay. I can be ugly today. No one will mind." Girl I know that feeling, and I wish that statement were true. I did convince her that she needed to be a pretty girl today!

End of the Soccer Season!

We made it! What fun soccer has been this year. The girls improved 110% from the first game! We are proud of them and how hard they worked. Baylee scored one goal, and Payge was known as the SUPER Goalie!
The best part of Soccer! The treats after the game!

Payge and her end of the year soccer medal! Good job girl.

Only at Aunt Dawn's

Ryver has many names at our house; Hoover, Numb nuts... Most of them came from Uncle Jeremy. The most popular is, "Tommy Tough Nuts". This picture explains where that name came from. Ryver is known to have a secret shoe fetish. Needless to say he has his pick when he come to our house full of little girls, he is in high heaven! We secretly took this picture while Maggy was busy! "Cause that's girl stuff, not Ryver stuff!" That's right Tommy, Strut your tough stuff!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Rigby Ninth Ward Carnival

The best ward party ever! Carnival Games, Hot Dogs, Nachos, Watermelon, Cotton Candy, and homemade ice cream! The best missionary tool I have ever seen! I met people in the ward that I have heard about, but never seen at chruch! The girls had a blast and it was low key. I didn't have to worry about the kids running wild through the church! I hope that this becomes a traditional activity in the ward. It was so much fun! (Good job Kendra!) Young Women facing painting booth. I love that the kids could do all these fun things for free. I know that I'm cheap and will never pay for them to get their faces painted ANYWHERE! The girls thought this was the neatest thing ever! And even cooler that the big girls of the ward that got to paint it for them!

Maggy having fun at the Primary fishing pond! See the bag of cotton candy? Again heaven for a little kid that normally would never get this opportunity anywhere else.

Second Place

Raini couldn't wait for her chance at the pie eating contest at the ward carnival. She did disappoint me just a little bit by coming in second place. What are Yost's made of these days? Okay it was chocolate cream pie. Raini's least favorite, but come-on girl show-um whose boss! Maybe next year!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Huckleberry Picking

So the last day camping we hit the huckleberry jackpot! Baylee had been begging me to go with her for a walk because she found a whole bunch of huckleberries...I thought, "Sure you did Baylee..." Maybe I should listen a little bit closer with a more open mind, because sure enough she did find the jackpot of all jackpots! To make peace with Baylee, we went for a short hike an hour before we had to leave camp we found a ton of huckleberries. I love picking huckleberries, but it can be hard work. God was watching out for us today and lead us to the biggest huckleberries I have ever seen, and they were all over too! We picked a quart in a hour and were really mad that we hadn't listened to Baylee and gone picking huckleberries earlier! Maybe next year. At least we got enough for a couple batches of Raspberry-Huckleberry Jam. YUM! YUM!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Taby's First Laugh

Grandma's have all the magic. Grandma Sherry was the first person to get Taby to laugh out loud. How fun it is to watch little ones grow-up. Needless to say Grandma really is magic, because Jeremy and I still can't get Taby to even giggle...we'll keep trying. If not, there's always grandma.This is a video of her laughing. It wasn't the first time. Of course that was unexpected. This video is as good as we could capture.

Coffee Pot--Day Four

You would think that by now we would be ready to go home. I am telling you the kids just never get tired of this place! Raini and the kids came and visited us for the day. We played and floated in the river and had a hot dog roast! Grandpa played chauffeur for the river rats, read his book and Grandma watched the kids with Raini.
Baylee taking Ryver and Maggy for a ride up stream.

We took the kids for a float ride from Mack's Inn and tied them to the back of the kayaks. We got done much faster and it was a lot warmer for Mom and Dad.

Maggy practicing fishing in the river. I think the biggest fish in that part of the river might be the size of my big toe, but man there are a lot of fishermen that like to "practice."

The very nice older couple from Utah told us that we could use his kayaks for the day! What fun. I told Jeremy that it was dangerous for us to try something new like that because now we are both hooked and would love a pair of kayaks to add to our camping gear!

Floating the river...what could be better? Maybe Maggy's smile!

The girls were begging Jeremy for a ride in the kayak. So he paddled them upstream for awhile. Don't they just look thrilled?

The traditional campfire hot dog roast. Enough said!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Coffee Pot--Day Three

Three cute little girls waiting to go fishing.

Taby enjoying the great outdoors at 2 1/2 months old. We've got to train her early! I have to say that she is quite the little trooper!

Maggy was not so excited about the fishing and the two older kids. The worms freaked her out and the fish were to slimy. She reminds me a lot of me at that age. She doesn't like to leave our side and is a chicken about most everything. Poor girl I know how she feels.

Payge hoping to catch a fish that probably isn't even there. We figured, "What they don't know won't hurt them!"

Baylee waiting patiently to catch fish at the kids fishing pond. There was another family there fishing and we politely asked them if they have ever caught a fish there. They said that they have been coming here every weekend, and have never caught a fish. Some people never learn, but we did. We packed up the fish poles to find us another "hot" fishing spot!

Baylee was the first one to catch a fish, but it was so small she didn't know it was on her line so she just walked off and left her fishing pole sitting there. Jeremy then picked it up and reeled it in and found a tiny little fish at the end. Baylee never did give up trying to catch another one.

Payge finally caught a fish thanks to uncle Eric. Like I said before...what they don't know won't hurt them...Right?

A picture of camp. This is the second year that we've had this same campsite.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Coffee Pot--Day Two

Today was Eric and Bonnie's first full day with us in Island Park. We had a full day full of fun. First we went to Johnny Sack's Cabin, then floated from Mack's Inn to the campground. Then finished the day with S'more making. I'm not sure we could get Bonnie to float down the river again after we found that disgusting leech sucking my ankle!
Payge found a new friend this weekend aren't they so cute. They never left each others side.

Another fun picture of "buds" Eric and Jeremy walking down the path from Johnny Sacks' cabin.

Fun to be cousins and even more fun to have boys to play with! Thanks Eric and Bonnie for sharing the weekend with us.

The kids spent all morning catching skippy bugs in the river. They had a whole bucket full and then brought them back to camp for us all to see. The bucket tipped over and the skippy bugs all escaped. Some got thrown in the fire, others were saved and taken back to the river.

Maggy eating her first S'more.

Payge and Baylee enjoying a S'more before bedtime.

Grandpa Gordon had never had a S'more before. What a shame for a guy who camps as much as him. He said the he hadn't been missing out on much all these years. Crazy man.