Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bring in the New Year

Because you all know that Jeremy and I are such social butterflies, and party animals. It's not a big surprise that we stayed home New Years Eve. We actually rented a Wii from Tech Time Rentals in Idaho Falls, and had a nice dinner and played Wii until the new year came. I will, even though it sounds very pathetic, say that that night was one of the best I have spent with Jeremy in a very long time. We laughed A LOT, and it was fun to "play" together. The best part was we got to keep the Wii until Monday. Needless to say the kids were easily entertained. I have to say that was the wisest $20 we have spent!
Okay so we just didn't sit around and play video games all weekend. The girls and Jeremy spent most of New Years day playing outside in the snow. The played in the yard for a while, and then Jeremy took them to Rigby lake to go sledding. I stayed home with Tabytha. Then it was home for a rest and hot chocolate! I will say that this was the best Christmas Vacation we have ever had. I will almost miss them when they go back to school Monday!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

Disclaimer: I love our little artificial make Christmas look HUGE! Not to mention we are also very blessed. About 7 a.m. the kids heard Santa's Ho Ho Ho and decided it was safe to make the venture up stairs. They went through the stocking and found a few goodies, and then it was breakfast time. Every year we try to have breakfast before we open presents and every year we fix something fun, and every year the kids are to excited to even eat breakfast. How many years will it take before I give-up on fixing breakfast Christmas morning? After breakfast we opened presents...Mp3 players, ipod, popcorn popper, books, boots, the list wasn't to huge this year, but as my Dad would say "Look at all the long faces." Guess what I don't think there were any. After all the excitement and preparation it's all over in an hour until next year. After presents we had Raini, Scott, Mom and Dad to dinner.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

What a long day. There is anticipation in the air and we are just counting the hours and the minutes until bed time.

The girls trying to play Christmas carols with the little chimes we have. I do have to say we get better every year. (I like to do this activity on Christmas Eve day because it drives Jeremy crazy!)

Maggy was glued to the computer all day "tracking" Santa on his journey all over the world. Every time he moved to a different country she would get go excited! At 2 p.m. she ran down stairs to get her PJ's on because she was so nervous that Santa was on his way RIGHT NOW! This really was funny to us because Maggy hates getting dressed, and HATES getting her PJ's on. So for her to do this all was something special!

The girls opening the Yost tradition of new PJ's Christmas night. Notice Maggy already in her old PJ's. Heck she's been ready for bed since noon!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cookies for Santa

The morning after the Dunn Party Baylee made this plate to put Santa's cookies on. I think she was a little worried after the coal. Promises, Promises!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Annual Dunn Christmas Party

Traditions are what make the holidays. One of the Christmas traditions on the Green side of the family is the annual Dunn Christmas Party. This tradition was started by Jeremy's Grandma Green's Mom and Dad, Great Grandpa and Grandma Dunn. It has been something the family has done for 30+ years and it is HUGE! It is now organized by Grandma Green and her sisters. It has got to be so much work, but something we look forward to every year!
Okay, this is not Grandma Green, but Grandma Stavast. We stopped to see her on our way to the Christmas party.

This year we kept threatening the girls that Santa brought coal to little girls who fought and couldn't keep their rooms clean. This year Santa must have been serious. He brought both Baylee and Payge coal in the Santa Bag this year. (Okay so he must have a heart the coal was chocolate and they also got a CD.) I remember Santa giving them Barney and Baby dolls, now they're getting CD's. Crap they're getting grown-up!

Just to make the coal hurt a little more, Maggy got a snap-it doll from Santa. She was so excited and got a little worried because her present was the last in the Santa Bag!

Poor little girl didn't know what was going on. Next year will be more fun.

Can you tell Baylee is still not thrilled with her coal and cheap CD. Maybe next year will be better!

Best Friends Forever

Christmas can early for my girls this year. Especially Baylee. The Friday school got out, and Emma came to visit! It was just like she never had moved to Ohio.

At our house her arrival was just about as anticipated and Santa himself. It was also fun to see Roni again and have lunch just like the good old days!

All the girls gathered together. We sure do miss them and hope that someday they will live closer. Until then email will have to do!

Waiting for waffles after a late night playing. They are getting to grown-up. Before I know it they will be giggling and prank calling boys together. Right now it's only Webkins and Hanna Montana!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Preschool Christmas Party

Preschool has been one of the best things for Maggy this year. Everyday she has this beautiful smile on her face as she get ready to go to school. I have to say that Leading Edge Preschool is worth every penny just to see how excited she is to learn. She was very excited this night to go to her party in her brand new party dress!

Maggy's three teachers: Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Lusk, and Mrs. Lusk all three are wonderful, loving women who treat each child like a superstar! I still am amazed how they can get 30 4 and 5 year old to sit still with their arms folded for 30 minutes. Again Amazing!

At the end of the program Santa came to visit the preschool kids! Maggy has been so fun this year. The magic of Christmas is real, especially for Maggy!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Maggy!

Four Things We LOVE about Maggy!

1. Her cute little smile
2. She says the funniest things
3. She loves to drink...Chocolate milk or Hot chocolate is her drink of choice!
4. She loves to get her hair fixed to look pretty.

We love you Maggy Happy fourth birthday!

Maggy after Preschool with her present from Mrs. Thompson.

One of Maggy's favorite dinners. Mac and Cheese and Hot Dogs.

Maggy was so excited that I found her laying on my bed next to her birthday presents waiting for Dad to come home so we could open them!

My Toon TV and a fancy dancing TUTU, a little girls heaven!

2+2=4 years old! Some day I will remember to buy birthday candles!

Of course it is chocolate cake! Maggy's favorite!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Not for the Faint of Heart--Nor the Neat and Organized!

Three things that you MUST know about me...
2. I HATE to fold laundry
3. I HATE putting laundry away!
Today I dedicated to laundry. Yes this is two weeks worth of laundry. No, we don't have enough clothes to live two weeks without washing...we have just lived "out of the pile!" I know call me lazy, call me crazy, I deserve it!

It took me three hours to fold and put away, and I vowed NEVER, NEVER to let it get this far out of hand again!

I'm finally least for another 3 hours when the girls change into their PJ's. Then guess what! They'll be able to find their own socks in the morning!
(I can't believe I just hung my deep, dirty secret out there for all to read!)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

Every year I look forward to Black Friday. No, I do not push and shove, and I actually HATE crowds, and standing in line. Every year I get to WalMart at 5 a.m. and look around at all the crazies and then quietly to myself have a good chuckle, because I am one of those crazies! Just maybe not quite as extreme! You get to WalMart and discover the $3 PJ's aren't as cute and nice as they were on the cute little kids in the ad. You discover that the $2 DVD's are over by the milk? the time you find them they are LONG GONE. We make it over to Shopko and again leave empty handed, but it is still fun, and I often stand back in awe over the full shopping carts and wonder were everyone else's money comes from.

The three Crazies Ladies at 3:30 a.m. after our 12 a.m. bedtime sleeping in Mom and Dad's Lounge chairs and the front room holding Tabytha on my lap. Did I really sleep for three hours? No I did not!

Mom headed out with the ads in hand! Notice the rolled-up pants, she was so mad because we didn't notice them, and she went shopping with them that way all morning. Mom, it was 3:30 a.m. you're lucky I didn't wear my pants backward and inside out!

Raini taking Mom's cereal for an early morning snack.
P.S. you know your mom's getting old when her arm is sore the next day from carrying her purse! LUV U MOM

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving was at Grandma Sherry's and Grandpa Gordon's house this year. Never a disappointing minute, not even for Maggy who got her wish of Pancakes on Thanksgiving!

Pancakes, Pancakes, Pancakes...Maggy is a VERY picky eater, but will eat any type of pancake any time of day! She loves them all! Normal, German, or roll-up it doesn't matter! Just don't ask her to eat chicken or turkey!

Maggy's second meal of Pancakes today! Proves she'll eat them cold and crunchy too!

A new Thanksgiving tradition. Ties! Last year Dad wore a tie all day long even on a horse ride after dinner. This Year Jeremy joined in. As you can see the ties don't have to match. This year the ties came off right after dinner!

The typical Yost dinner Spread everything from Turkey to Mashpotatoes and everything in between. With plenty for days to come.

Dad carving one of the three turkeys he smoked this year.

The boys watching....Boise State football, Utah, Jazz game, Football, Discovery channel, and more football. We women can't complain though, they did let us go shopping.