Saturday, October 17, 2009

Love that Boy

Ryver has a mind of his own. I love to tease this little guy because let's face's just to fun. Ryver came to my house one day wearing these swimming goggles. He never took them off even thou they became so foggy he could not see a thing. I think he had a doctor's appointment that same day and wore the goggles there too.

Riding the neigh-neigh complete with jogging suit and swimming goggles.

Another day we were all sitting around talking when Ryver walks is fully dressed-up and totally loving it. He has way to much fun at my house. Some day all these pictures might come in handy.

Take a bow princess Ryver, and don't forget to ride that neigh-neigh off into the sunset.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Yellowstone-- Going Home

All good things must come to an end. We woke-up Sunday to wind and snow and decided to hurry home! Just in time to catch two sessions of General Conference.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yellowstone-- Day Two

Day Two of our trip to Yellowstone started EARLY by my standards. The park had closed a main road due to a fire and was only letting cars through at certain times of the day. It was a two hour drive from camp to this pass, so we woke everyone up and left the trailer by 5 a.m. Everyone slept until we got to Yellowstone Falls just after the sunrise. Later we learned that they had opened the road, so our early morning wasn't necessary after all. The sunrise was worth it though.

Smiles early in the morning, even though it was dang COLD!!!

Precious Picture of Tabytha braving the cold weather all bundled up in her hat and car seat! What a trooper she has been this summer!

Rare picture of Jer and I from the perspective of Baylee.
A lady totally freaked out because I set Taby's car seat on this overlook. I guess it was a little stupid. Since it was a sheer drop off down below. O-well, give me the mommy of the year award I probably deserved it!
Happy...Too Happy in the morning.

The girls getting their Jr. Ranger Patches. This badge was actually hard to get. They really worked and had to learn something about Yellowstone to get it. They all completed a workbook to earn their badges. I keep telling Jeremy that it's things like the Jr. Ranger programs that he and his family did growing-up that made the Green's so smart. The Yost's never did things like that, and well........the joke goes on.

Our five o'clock morning is catching-up with Maggy. She is pouting because she's hungry and has "walked enough." She has probably walked 4-5 miles today....

I'm tired and refuse to go on!

A break along the trail, having a snack and refreshing Maggy! Doesn't she looked refreshed?

About twenty minutes after the snack break! The smile returns and we continue to walk, and walk, and walk.

Almost at the end of our time in Yellowstone a nice family picture.

Jeremy driving us back to camp. We are tired, and hungry, and ready for bed, and I am secretly hoping there are no elk to look at on the way home.

We meet a nice older couple from Texas today. They called us the cute red headed family. They seemed to show-up everywhere we went. Every time commenting on how good our little girls were. What a fun day we had.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Yellowstone-- Day One

The girls all decked out in their new Yellowstone Sweatshirts. The tourist season was officially over so all the little shop in West Yellowstone were getting ready to close and have HUGE end of the season sales. Yea, for good timing!

The first picture of the day getting ready to head into Yellowstone. It was so cold, and to tell the truth I wasn't looking forward to the day a head of us.

Taby's missing from the picture she was asleep in the truck.

I think that I was the biggest wimp with rotten egg sulfur smell. YUCK! It was so cold outside that the steam was out in full force!

The girls admiring one of the many "something or anothers" we saw that day.

This picture was taken along the trail while waiting for old faithful to go off.

Old Faithful, at last after walking the loop looking at all the other geyser and carrying Taby it felt so good to just sit and watch.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip. After a long day of being carried in and out of the truck, Taby saying, "It's cold out here, but I'm still A-Okay mom."

I had to laugh many times as you would see cars lined up and people lining the road to catch a glimpse of an elk or a bison. I guess I have been spoiled living and growing-up in Bancroft were at Mom and Dad's you can just look outside and see the same thing.

The first animal of the Day was right in side the gates to the park. It was a traffic jam I just kept thinking wow it might be a long day! Neat, but I was still holding out for a bear.