Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Being a little nostalgic I decided that it was important for the girls to experience a "true" memorial day weekend visiting the graves of grandparents and others. They have been very lucky to have met and made memories with Jeremy's grandparents, but not with my grandparents, which makes me sad at times as I remember the great people they were and many memories of them that I have.
This is a great picture of our favorite Great Grandma Stavast. This is the Grandma that Tabytha proudly shares her middle name Doreen with.
Here we are at Great Grandpa Stavat's grave site. Baylee and Payge have many memories of Grandpa some they mentioned are: his pocketful of pennies, Baylee remembered Cubby, grandpa's dog, and his famous saying, "come again when you can't stay so long." He would say this as you were leaving with a huge grin on his face.
This is my mom's parents, Betty and Reid Peterson, unfortunately the girls never got to meet them, but some of the memories I have of them are the camping trips to Grey's lake, I always remember being so excited to open Grandma Betty's Christmas presents, they always contained the neatest things (many of which I still have!)

After visiting the graves is Soda Springs we took the girls to see the geyser. They were impressed that is was so tall and smelled like rotten eggs just like Yellowstone! I know very impressive and memorable.
At the end of the day and after all the rain the biggest rainbow I had ever seen appeared in front of Mom and Dad's front window. I guess to reminding us of all the blessing that we do have.
We also visited Dad's parents, Herman and Hortense Yost, in the Lund Cemetery. The girls thought that putting flowers on the graves was so fun. They did not really know Grandma very well, but remembered Grandpa's Cookie Jar and that he always gave them peanuts. It was fun to remember all those memories that were made with my grandparents.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tabytha Doreen Green

The wait for Taby was long, hard, and at times down right miserable, but she finally arrived to our family on May 12, 2009, at 7:47 p.m. She was smaller than expected weighing in at 6 lbs 12 oz she was 19 inches long. She is a sweet little red headed little girl that stole Dad's heart in the first few moments of life. Mom is also wrapped around her little pinkie finger already too.

Having such an awful 9 months full of throwing-up, swollen hands and feet, high blood pressure...and .... everything else that pregnant women go through. We did everything you could imagine to get Taby here: Castor Oil, Pineapple, and all those other old wives tales. At my last doctor's appointment Dr. Leavitt must have felt pity on me and sent me to the hospital for observation since I was having contractions. Once at the hospital I begged my nurse not to send me home! She laughed and stated that Dr. Leavitt had three more babies to deliver that night so why not add one more. She said that instead of wasting time observing me for two hours she would start an I.V. and PIT, then call Dr. Leavitt and get permission. At this point a halo appeared on top of her head and she grew angel wings. She was defiantly heaven sent. The IV and PIT was started about 3 p.m. just as Jeremy arrived at the hospital.

The next few hours were spent looking through a baby name book, and making a list of possible names. Contractions got stronger but weren't too bad. About 6 p.m. they broke my water I was dilated 5 cm. WOW! Things changed fast and the pain soon became more than I wanted to feel. Epidural time. It took awhile for them to perform this small act, and by that time wasn't sure I could handle anymore pain. After the epidural I was 7 cm. After just two more contractions I felt a really odd sensation and told the nurse something was about to happen. She went to check my progress "Oh, My" this baby is right here. An urgent call was made to Dr. Leavitt, who was enjoying dinner at Artic Circle with his family, he made it to the hospital in four minutes. (AMAZING!!) With one contraction and two pushes Tabitha was in my arms. She never even cried. The whole experience went so fast it hardly seemed real. I am so grateful to now have four healthy little girls. Both Jeremy and I feel now that our little family is finally complete.

Payge Will Be Payge

This is an example of the quite, strong, and funky personality of Payge. It is a rare site for most people to see this side of Payge. Payge is great at playing the "SHY" card in public, but here is a all to common scene at our house!

Spring Fun, Finally Outside

After a long Rigby winter it was nice to be able to play outside again. It is becoming our after dinner activity when Dad is home to spend the hour before bedtime outside playing. It seems to help the kids get rid of that extra energy and keeps the television off! We signed up Baylee and Payge up to play soccer this year and Baylee can't wait for it to start this is her practing her soccer kicks!
Here is Payge being her usual charmful self! She is so stubborn and unpredictable, but we still love her the same. Life sure wouldn't be the same without her charmful personality.

A rare picture of Dad. Playing a good game of kick ball with Baylee.

Here again is our Miss Magoo. She loves playing outside and almost always has a smile on her little face!

Daisy is probably the most happy about spring time. She loves the kids when they come out to play. She follows them around and begs them for a good game of fetch!