Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Home Improvement

The "Hot Tub Room" has been on the to-do-list since we moved into the house. Jeremy finally decided it was time "to-do" the room. Our plan is to remove the hot tub and redo the floor and the roof. The door also needs replacing.

First chore is moving the freezer and extra refrigerator. Good thing I clean and organized the freezer so Dad could dump it all in the wheel barrow.

Dad and Jeremy contemplating how this is going to be done. First they had to remove water from 2 years ago, and the dead mouse they found in the hot tub. YUCK!

Next comes the demolition. Cutting the tub out with a saw and throwing it out the window. The kids were banished inside so they became spectators.

After the hot tub was removed Dad and Jer built a new floor and insulated the floor. I hope it helps keep things a little more regulated. They also got the door taken down, but soon found out the good ole Chuck put in the wrong sized door frame. So our nonhot tub room now is half finished without a door. Someday Jeremy will find the time to finish. I just hope it's sooner than later.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Is It Spring?

Maggy is our outside girl. She was so excited to be able to play outside. Almost all the snow is gone and it was warm and sunny so we spent the afternoon enjoying the fresh air.
Maggy is such a little talker. She will talk non-stop to anyone who is around to listen. Actually it doesn't even matter if they listen...she will still talk. She gets lonely while Baylee and Payge are at school. So today I played sidewalk chalk with her.

She has learned so much at preschool this year. She loves to write her name, and ask, "how do you spell...." then you have to spell the word really slow and at the end she will ask, "did I get all the numbers right?" silly girl!

Practicing writing her ABC's. At the beginning of preschool she couldn't even spell or recognize her name. Now she is one smart cookie, spelling her name and writing most of the alphabet all by herself! It's amazing how fast these little ones can learn.