Monday, July 12, 2010

Research Based Family Time

We took a trip to the Tetons to help Jeremy get ready to write his final paper for his Master's program. It was the perfect day. Sunny and clear. We left Frankie with Aunt Raini. It was the first time since March that we had gone anywhere without her. Strangely, I look at this pictures and feel that someone was missing. It is a little shameful that I've lived in Idaho all my life and have never been to the Tetons.

Baylee on her "side" hike with Dad. They wondered off and left the rest of us on the hiking trail to be eaten alive by mosquitoes!

We did go to the ski resort, splurged and rode the chair-lift to the top of the mountain. It was cold and very windy. I though Maggy would freak out, but Baylee was the scaredy-cat this time!

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